Top 5 Best Interior Design In Bangladesh

  1. Studio ORKA:

    • Established in 2024, Studio ORKA is a renowned interior design firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Known for its contemporary and avant-garde design approach.
    • Specializes in residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects.
    • Recognized for its ability to blend local culture, traditional elements, and modern aesthetics.
    • Has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation in 2024.
    • Recent notable projects include the Bengal Cafe in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Elegant Apartment in Dhaka.
  2. SA Architects & Associates:

    • Founded in 1975, SA Architects & Associates is a prominent architecture and interior design firm in Bangladesh.
    • Renowned for its sustainable and contextually sensitive designs.
    • Has a wide portfolio encompassing residential, commercial, institutional, and urban design projects.
    • Emphasizes on eco-friendly materials, natural ventilation, and energy-efficient solutions.
    • Has received various accolades, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2024.
    • Notable projects include the GNHC Office Building in Dhaka and the Bait-Ur-Rouf Mosque in Rangpur.
  3. Mind Manifest:

    • Established in 2024, Mind Manifest is a cutting-edge interior design studio in Dhaka.
    • Specializes in both residential and commercial projects.
    • Known for its innovative and unconventional design concepts.
    • Incorporates elements of art, fashion, and pop culture into its designs.
    • Has gained recognition for pushing the boundaries of interior design in Bangladesh.
    • Notable projects include the Nexus TGI Friday’s restaurant in Dhaka and the Cube Resort in Cox’s Bazar.
  4. Design Associates Limited (DAL):

    • DAL is a leading architecture and interior design firm founded in 1990.
    • Offers a comprehensive range of services, including interior design, space planning, and project management.
    • Known for its elegant and sophisticated designs.
    • Has a proven track record in delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.
    • Has won numerous awards for its outstanding work.
    • Notable projects include the Concord Supreme Hotel in Dhaka and the Paradise Valley Golf Resort in Bandarban.
  5. Genesis Design Ltd.

    • Established in 2024, Genesis Design Ltd. is a highly regarded interior design firm based in Dhaka.
    • Specializes in residential, commercial, and retail projects.
    • Known for its contemporary, minimalist, and functional design approach.
    • Emphasizes on creating comfortable and aesthetically pleasing spaces.
    • Has won several awards for its innovative designs.
    • Notable projects include the Premium Building in Dhaka and the United Group Hall in Sylhet.